Pomegranate Gin Fizz Holiday Cocktail Recipe – Tasting Table

The ingredients for this pomegranate fizz are similar to a French 75, but with a wintery twist. To start, the base is going to be gin, like a classic French 75, but you can easily substitute it with vodka if you prefer it. To add pomegranate flavor, we will do a mixture of pomegranate juice and pomegranate molasses. Pomegranate molasses is just concentrated pomegranate juice, but it can add a rich, deep flavor unlike what you can get from pomegranate alone. Those that like their drinks a little less sweet will like this addition. 

The final ingredient is a splash of prosecco to top it off. You can swap this out with Champagne or whichever kind of sparkling wine you like most. If you have pomegranate seeds, those are great as a final garnish.