The Muffin Tin Hack For Easy Chocolate Dessert Bowls – Tasting Table

Chocolate dessert bowls offer a delicious edible vessel and a beautiful presentation to display any of your favorite sweet treats. Even before you decide what goes in your chocolate bowls, you can create unique multi-colored patterns using different types of chocolate. For example, a beautiful marbling or half-and-half pattern using separate pours of white and dark chocolate.

Because you’re using muffin tins or liners, the most obvious filling for a chocolate dessert bowl would be a muffin or cupcake: After popping fresh muffins out of the silicone tins, you can then turn those tins into molds for your edible muffin liners. A dark chocolate muffin shell would taste delicious with an orange-cranberry muffin.

For a more creative and colorful filling, you can fill chocolate dessert bowls with fresh fruit, custards, and pastes. You could fill a milk chocolate bowl with a rainbow of sliced strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries over a lemon custard. A dark chocolate bowl filled with layers of peanut butter and banana pudding, and a sprinkle of crushed pretzels and peanuts, would be pretty great, too.

Chocolate dessert bowls would also make the ultimate ice cream bowls. You could fill each bowl with a different scoop of ice cream, sorbet, or gelato and reserve some melted chocolate to drizzle over each bowl before serving.