13 Best Spots For Vegan Cocktails In NYC – Tasting Table

In the heart of Koreatown, Hangawi is a Korean vegan spot known for its unique dining setup, prix-fixe menu options, and delicious food. Upon entering, guests are asked to remove their shoes and sit at floor level to dine on Michelin-rated plant-based dishes, like the Korean bulgogi stone bowl rice dish and the Korean pancakes platter.

But the drinks selection is not to be missed. Amidst a variety of hot and iced teas, soda, freshly squeezed juices, sake, and Asian and Western wines, Hangawi is shaking up cocktails made from Soju. The national distilled beverage of Korea is made from rice and other ingredients like wheat, barley, or sweet potato to create a clear alcohol that ranges from 16-25% alcohol by volume.

The vegan cocktails combine soju with Korean-inspired flavors like schisandra tea, lychee, honeydew, Asian pear juice, and more. Try the Purple Lotus made from butterfly pea flower, elderflower, fresh lime, thyme, Korean black raspberry wine, and soju, or the Floating Lily, made from honeydew, cucumber, mint, and soju.


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12 East 32 Street, New York, NY 10016