Grilled Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak With Fines Herb Compound Butter Recipe – Tasting Table

Before you start grilling the steak, you’ll first coat it in oil, season it, and let it reach room temperature. As De Witt explains, “This will ensure a more flavorful and evenly cooked steak and will give the salt time to penetrate the meat.” Her preference is to use avocado oil, as it “adds flavor and prevents it from sticking to the grill.” She does say, though, that vegetable oil may be used in its place as it also has a high smoke point.

“Cooking will vary with grill and size of steak,” says De Witt. “An instant-read meat thermometer is key [because] it takes the guesswork out and ensures a perfectly cooked steak.” Following the directions in this recipe will make for a medium-rare steak, which De Witt feels is optimal. As she tells us, “Some believe that cooking this type of steak too rare will not give the fat a chance to render.” Once the steak is cooked, you’ll need to rest it for a few minutes under a sheet of foil. The reason for doing so, according to De Witt, is “to allow the juices to be reabsorbed into the meat.”