Silky Carrot Apple Soup Recipe – Tasting Table

Though the unique nature of this soup lies in the balance marriage of carrots and apples, we understand that not everyone is a fan of sweet fruit in savory dishes. For those wanting to make this soup without apples, it is possible to do so while still achieving a rich and sweet flavor profile. However, to replace the natural sweetness and texture normally provided by the apples, you will need to increase the amount of carrots significantly. Using 12 cups of chopped carrots instead of the original 8 cups called for in the recipe will keep the soup sweet while maintaining the right balance of vegetables and body. 

All the other ingredients — like the leeks, celery, broth, and seasonings — and cooking instructions can stay the same. Omitting the apples simplifies this recipe slightly, but the extra carrots do the trick of replicating the natural sugars missing from the apples, so the soup is still sure to be a satisfyingly sweet and creamy blend of fall flavors. To get a touch of tartness back in the soup, you can even add a squeeze of lemon right before serving.